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  1. Scottish independence: The pound of Salmond

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    If Scotland were to vote for independence, it would face a whole host of problems. Would it have an army? An intelligence service? Both would have to be established. A tax collection agency? A financial regulator? Numerous new civil service departments would have to be established, including a Debt Management...
  2. The best case for the Union

    There used to be a pithy phrase about Unionists “killing Home Rule with kindness.” Yesterday, in the course of his first substantial speech on the constitutional question, the Prime Minister attempted to kill Scottish independence with emollience and a heavy dose of charm. It was, in short, the best articulation...
  3. The UK’s last chance saloon

    The battle for Scotland began in earnest this week with David Cameron’s offer to give Alex Salmond the power to hold a decisive referendum on independence—but only if that referendum is held “sooner rather than later,” and only if it is on a clear in-or-out vote. Salmond’s response has been...

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