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Arabella Weir regrets poking fun at female neuroses

Boys and boy-related stuff always have and always will dominate British humour—you only have to watch ten minutes of an episode of The Inbetweeners to know that. In times of yore, so the excuse has it, women weren’t visible outside the home. But it’s the 21st century now. Women work alongside men, sometimes while wearing trousers; men are legally entitled to paternity leave, some openly admit to using moisturiser—and yet the predictability with which boys react to breasts, snigger when called upon to act like adults and their indefatigable ability to wank feeds the fountain from which, it appears, all British comedy is sourced.

Observe a female guest, usually lone, on any one of the panel shows peopled by men and you’ll note she’s not in the same club, membership of which ensures laughs. Male traits are recognisable by both genders, and therefore accessible, and they cross all cultural, social

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