What’s behind the Coalition’s Bible talk?

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What’s behind the Coalition’s Bible talk?

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This government "does God." But faith groups need to be partners, not vehicles for the "Big Society"

In recent months, we’ve seen a new confidence in talking about religion from the Coalition. In contrast with the last government’s reticence on the subject, we’ve had David Cameron extolling the virtues of the King James Version, and Michael Gove proposing to send a Bible to every school. Cameron went so far as to distinguish himself from Labour explicitly: “People often say politicians shouldn’t ‘do God.’” In fact, he said, politicians should recognise “both what our faith communities bring to our country… and also how incredibly important faith is to many people in Britain.”

Have we then moved from a government unprepared to engage with matters of faith, to a new dawn of understanding about the role of religion in public life?

Yes and no. New research, being presented at the first of

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