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New research shows we trust politicians with deep voices—something Margaret Thatcher has known for decades

What do we look for in a leader? Political vision? Sound policies? Compassion? Well, no. A deep voice appears to be the answer, says Casey Klofstad of Miami University. His research indicates that a mellifluous bass tone is the perfect credential for a true leader. The deeper the voice the better the politician, voters seem to think. And you thought it was Darth Vader’s ruthless cruelty that took him to the top.

The research by Klofstad and his colleagues included two experiments which digitally manipulated voice recordings. They produced higher- and lower-pitched versions of the originals. One asked the participants to select the version they would hypothetically cast their vote for and the other who they perceived were “more trustworthy, more competent, and stronger.”

As with previous research, the study demonstrated that voters prefer candidates

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  1. March 15, 2012

    terence patrick hewett

    Just like Ken Livingstone and Enoch Powell? Give over.

  2. March 18, 2012


    Perhaps this is amongst the reasons why there are so few women leaders…

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