Obama’s victory: essential reading

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Obama’s victory: essential reading

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Barack Obama at his victory rally in Chicago (photo: WCHI News)

Prospect picks the best responses to the US election. We’ll be updating throughout the week.

1. A victory for Obama and Obama’s America by John Cassidy (The New Yorker)

Cassidy has been on fire throughout this campaign and he’s not stopping now.

“Hang on a minute, y’all. Who knows what the future holds? For now, let’s take the measure of what has happened, which is historic enough.”

2. The Republicans bet everything, and Obama won it all by Jonathan Chait (New York)

Obama ran a tremendous campaign, says Chait, but the Republicans missed a great opportunity. Here’s how they blew it.

3. Obama’s victory speech: Behind the return of the president’s rhetoric by Ezra Klein (The Washington Post)

Why didn’t Obama whip out the soaring rhetoric on the campaign trail? There is a simple answer.

4. What the 2012 election taught us by Chris Cillizza (The Washington Post)

The lessons from the election will be debated for many months to come, but Cilliza breaks down the key points and reminds us: it wasn’t just the economy.

5. Five lessons for the Tories from the US election campaign by Peter Hoskin (Conservative Home)

Lesson three is perhaps the most interesting:

“British parties still haven’t really learnt the lessons of the 2008 election, which provided ample demonstration of how the Internet can be used to cultivate votes. And now this year has provided even more lessons about digital campaigning.”

6. The Second Term by Ryan Lizza (The New Yorker)

What will Obama do now? A comprehensive overview. (Hint: It’s all about “taxmageddon”)

7. GIF out the vote by Ann Friedman (The American Prospect)

All your favourite election 2012 moments, as channelled through Clueless, Bob Dylan and Arrested Development.

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