Two Pythons support the Sahara’s refugees

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Two Pythons support the Sahara’s refugees

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The author with Terry Jones and Michael Palin

The author with Terry Jones and Michael Palin

In Hampstead on Thursday, Michael Palin and Terry Jones were among the celebrities attending a private view of photographs from the Western Sahara refugee camps. They were joined at the exhibition, which presents images of refugees from one of the world’s longest and least-reported conflicts, by Western Saharan human rights activist Mohamed Fadel, 25, who fled to Britain last October having been tortured by Moroccan police.

The pair are no strangers to desert, having filmed the Life of Brian in Tunisia in 1978. Michael Palin also spent time in the Western Sahara in 2002. “I visited the camps on my Sahara series and was hugely impressed by the indomitable resilience of the Saharawi people,” he said. “These photos are a tribute to the spirit of hope over adversity.”

Known as “Africa’s last colony,” Western Sahara, was “given” to Morocco by the Spanish

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  1. September 26, 2010

    Minetu Larabas Sueidat

    As a western Saharawi women who born and live in the saharawi refugee camps of Tinduf, i would like to express my gratitude to Stefen and all the photographers who ever come to the camps to shed light on the life of more then 165.000 saharawis who struggle day and night to gain their right for self-determination and independence.

    Thought the long period of the cease fire and the situation of no peace no war, the saharawis in the refugee camps learn how to be a good example of democracy and freedom which are unfortunately absent in our occupied territories where the saharawis are tortured detained by Moroccan authorities.

    the Saharawi women have a huge contribution in the Western Sahara republic and thanks to Polisario Front (the legitimate representative of the saharawi people) all the saharawis are given opportunities to learn and educate themselves and we become among the most literate refugees according to the UN statistics.

    I would like to invite all free people in the world to come to the saharawi refugee camps to witness the daily life of the loveliest, humble and generous people in the world, I invite you to share with us our long lasting hope for freedom and independence.
    Minetu Larabas Sueidat

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