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The September Issue: the Prospect version


Feeling that I hadn’t had enough of magazine editing during the week, I went to see The September Issue on Sunday, RJ Cutler’s documentary of the making of American Vogue‘s September 2007 edition. (Our review of the film can be read here.) Prospect and Vogue have a lot in common, it turns out: we’re both monthly magazines, we both have editors who have been in post for a long time, and… that may be it.

Nevertheless, I think there is scope for a similar movie about Prospect. (Well, they made a film about the New Republic.) Admittedly it would be shot mostly in one small, cramped room in Bloomsbury rather than New York, Paris and Rome, but that would offer substantial cost savings to a documentary maker. And while Vogue took months to produce one issue, we like to cram it all into ten days, so it’d

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  1. September 14, 2009

    Tom Nuttall

    Styling interns squabble over who gets to take the Prada samples home.

    Editorial staff ignore the nine-volume history of parliamentary select committees and hope they get their hands on the new Ian McEwan hardback before the editor.

  2. September 18, 2009

    Anke Lueddecke

    Well am I the first one to volunteer? My credentials – bona fide documentary maker with own equipment and used to low low budgets, BBC-trained, plus – of course – personal experience of Prospect’s late-night going-to-press shenanigans!
    I will make a fight over a comma look like the clash of the titans ;)
    We should discuss it, over lunch of course (I’m thinking the Prospect equivalent of Sienna’s and Mario’s champagne)!

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