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Where should it go? Just one of the many unusual pieces in The Museum of Everything

The last chance to visit The Museum of Everything, a marvellous temporary museum currently open in Primrose Hill, is fast approaching—it closes this Sunday, 14th February.

Packed into a warren of corridors, cubicles, and awkwardly shaped rooms, this is a quirky exhibition of marginalised art of the past 200 years, which has at various times been labelled art brut, outsider art, folk art, naive art, visionary art and, occasionally, Sunday painting.

All the work showcased is by untrained artists, operating outside the commercial art world, in remote or impoverished communities and sometimes in mental institutions. It actively promotes a lack of consensus over what art really is, thereby encouraging discussion over where art might fit in the museo-logical scheme of things.

Read Prospect’s art critic, Ben Lewis, on why The Museum of Everything is

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