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Don't dump it: Freegle it

Don't dump it: Freecycle it

Some things—healthcare reform, for instance—are probably doomed to attract controversy. Others, you might imagine, don’t offer as much scope for disagreement. Until last week, I would have placed the Freecyle movement in the latter group. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Freecycle is a network of groups whose aim is reduce waste by matching people who want to give away stuff with others who need it. Founded in Arizona in 2003, Freecycle now has over 4,000 groups worldwide and over 5m members. It is organised, of course, over the internet; people post messages offering items, which other members of their local group can view via the website or by email. Collection is arranged privately between members; no money changes hands.

I joined my local Freecycle group over two years ago, and have used it to get rid of quite a few items (mostly Ikea

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  1. September 26, 2009



    cooperation and openess or the lack thereof is what was the crux of the problem here.

  2. November 22, 2009


    I can’t find anything more specific than this. What rules did the moderators want to impose? We now have both a freegle and a freecycle group. I’m going to freegle because posts there appear instantly whereas those on our freecycle group have to be read by a moderator (which can take a few hours) first. And the freecycle moderors won’t tell me why this is necessary.

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