Why WikiLeaks won’t dampen Russia’s party

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Why WikiLeaks won’t dampen Russia’s party

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No wonder Russians more interested in celebrating their successful World Cup bid than worrying about this week's WikiLeaks cables—the sources for these leaks are highly dubious

Many Russians will no doubt be nursing sore heads this morning following the announcement that the country is to host the World Cup in 2018. But were last night’s revellers at all troubled by Russia’s other big news story this week—WikiLeaks cables alleging that Russia is effectively a “mafia state” run by its corrupt prime minister? Not likely.

While foreign newspapers have filled their pages with tales of corruption and intrigue among Russia’s political elites, few in the country have responded with much more than a frustrated shrug. To understand why the scandal has barely raised eyebrows in Moscow, it is worth looking at these revelations a little more closely.

Take, for instance, the story claiming Silvio Berlusconi profited financially from his relationship with

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  1. December 4, 2010

    jim evans

    Corruption is a problem wherever the Wall Street moneylender`s tentacles reach…which is right across the globe.

    Since the fall of communism “free market” usury has consolidated its grip on China and Russia….but our British outlook from the moral high ground looks risibly hypocritical and out-of-touch with geopolitical reality.

    What have we to teach other nations as a fawning grovelling satellite of the US elite?

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