Rudd versus Gillard

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Rudd versus Gillard

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Labor MPs and Senators voted in Gillard's favour, but Rudd is the party's best hope in next year's national elections

The strangest week in recent Australian political history started with the leak of a video of the Foreign Minister four-letter-wording his way through the pre-taping of a video presentation. It ended with 102 elected Labor Party members going against the popular will of millions of voters and maintaining Julia Gillard’s grip on the premiership. Once the verdict was announced, politicians who were sworn enemies only minutes before showered praise on each other (see Rudd on Gillard, Gillard on Rudd) with tinny sincerity, more suited to the Oscars award ceremonies taking place on the other side of the world.

The simmering tensions between Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd boiled over last Wednesday, when Rudd—deposed as Prime Minister by Gillard in 2010—resigned his post via

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  1. March 1, 2012

    John Rees-Osborne

    I cannot agree that Rudd is ‘the party’s best hope of staying in power’. Most commentators have written Labor’s chances off anyway, but with 18 months before the election there is a significant opportunity for the party to calm its recent hysteria and allow Gillard herself to engineer a dignified transition to a CREDIBLE new leader. Gillard was unlucky enough to be compelled to accept a poisoned chalice, was re-elected by the party on the entirely rational basis of ‘anybody but Rudd’, but is deeply damaged in the public’s eyes. There are, however, several credible contenders if cool heads prevail. Meanwhile Abbott is likely to implode under the pressures of his one-vote party majority as leader and the disquiet over his neo-DLP tendencies.

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