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Tune in and free think

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Free thinking: hard work of the best kind

The week that began with the government confirming its intention to remove all direct support for university teaching of the arts, social sciences and humanities is set to end in a cheerier fashion, on my radio at least, with the return of Radio 3’s annual Free Thinking Festival. Radio 3 describes its weekend of debates, interviews, and performances as a “festival of ideas,” and if previous years are anything to go by, the ideas on show—this year’s theme is The Pursuit of Happiness—will enjoy a lively outing at The Sage Gateshead. Since Radio 3 is inviting all comers to “fire questions at our speakers, sign up to speed-date a thinker or chill out in our Story Corner,” it may sound positively Eeyorish to describe the outing as a ‘lively’ one for the ideas—they seem to be heading to a rave.


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  1. November 10, 2010

    jim evans

    There is something deeply ironic if not sinister about the BBC using the phrase “free thinking” when it`s my perception that it has become an oppressive thought police force over the past twenty years.
    Its serious output has a very distinct bias away from criticising anything remotely religious or American or related to its very own constituency of minority groups.

    Just compare its treatment of the deaths of Ian Tomlinson and Jean-Charles De Menezes…or how it`s handled the Phil Woolas and Lord Archer crises compared with the way it soft-peddled on Robert Maxwell and more recently on Baroness Udin and Lord Paul …and lots lots more of its favoured friends.

    Why won`t it tackle the EU scandal or our hostage status under the control of US foreign policy involving wars and torture we don`t want?Or the absence of a real political choice to us voters?

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