Portraits from Sicily

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Portraits from Sicily

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IN PICTURES: the fight against mafia food

Aldo: Aldo Penna, owner of Il Mirto e La Rosa restaurant, one of the first businesses in Sicily that refused to pay protection money, known as pizzo, to the mob.

Alicia: Alicia Coppolino (pictured with her dog, Frida), project worker with Palmanana, an environmental cooperative with ties to the anti-mafia movement.

Eduardo: Eduardo Zaffuto, co-founder of Addiopizzo. Since 2004, Addiopizzo (“Goodbye Protection Money”) has helped Italian businesses to fight mafia extortion.

Focacceria: Staff at the Antica Focacceria San Francesco, Palermo’s most famous bakery. The shop has been under police protection since its owners testified in a 2007 court case.

Trader: A market trader in Palermo’s oldest market, the Mercato di Capo, an area steeped in mafia history.

Winemaking: Stefano Palmeri, chief winemaker or capo at the Cantina I Cento Passi (The 100 Steps winery). The cantina is

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