If I ruled the world: Chris Mullin

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If I ruled the world: Chris Mullin


If I ruled the world, my first act would be to phase out the private motor car. I regard the motor vehicle (and yes, I have one) as a disastrous invention. It has laid waste to our cities, polluted our environment and kills the best part of half a million people a year worldwide.

My aim would be a return to that brief golden age when the bicycle was king, when every little town and many villages were connected to the railway network and when our inner cities were habitable.

It is not an impossible dream. I knew Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, before the coming of market forces. Until 20 years ago it was a city of a million bicycles. Even ambassadors travelled by bike. The only vehicles were a few rattling trams (long since abolished), a handful of military vehicles and a few aged black Volgas for members

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  1. July 22, 2012


    Lovely; agree; is this kind of thing popular with hedge fund owning tories? Just wondering.

  2. July 23, 2012

    Harry Wagstaff

    You are the first Labour politician that has exhibited a want to go back into the dark ages. Usually that those sort of policies are backed exclusively by Tory back benchers.

    Bikes should be provided their own roads – that’s a given – but not at the expense of cars. Bikes are a menace on today’s roads and most bikers who are killed/injured can only blame themselves. Fact.

  3. July 31, 2012


    Well, you can do that on China, Cuba, North Korea…
    Apparently, this guy would be more than happy in a totalitarian state. That’s the only way to achieve a private car free ‘society’ he is dreaming of… Would be a nightmare for the rest of us, though.

  4. August 3, 2012


    Here in New Zealand in just about every little town there are beautiful memorials.

    They are memorials to the young men of every town and district who left their homes to fight people like Chris Mullin.

    Too many did not return.And many that did were broken in mind,body and spirit.

    You are a facist Mr Mullin. You ought to be ashamed of yourself but I know that you never,ever will. Your kind never are.

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