Pakistan’s double game

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Pakistan’s double game

General Kayani of Pakistan directs the attention of US Admiral Mike Mullen

General Kayani directs the attention of US Admiral Mike Mullen

Since the release of 90,000 pages of classified US military intelligence on operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan by WikiLeaks, the Obama administration has struggled to win the media war. As Vice President Joe Biden insisted in an interview with NBC on Thursday, “All those leaks predate our policy. That’s been a problem in the past, it’s a problem we’re dealing with.” He specified: “Not one leak is consistent with our policy announced in December.”

But US officials interviewed by the New York Times confirmed that the overall portrayal of the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence’s (ISI’s) “collaboration with the Afghan insurgency was broadly consistent with other classified intelligence.” The documents show that the ISI has “acted as both ally and enemy… appeasing certain American demands for cooperation while angling to exert influence in Afghanistan through many of the same insurgent networks that

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  1. September 2, 2010


    Wikileaks only confirmed Indians’ view that
    Pakistan hunts with the hounds and helps the hare to hide. Pakistan midwifed Taliban and wants the Taliban to be strong in Afghanistan
    to counter growing Indian influence.In the guise of fighting Taliban, Pakistan obtains
    economic and military aid from the USA and uses them to sponsor terrorism in India.Pakistan is a double-sided sword which harms both the USA and India.

    • February 15, 2013


      You’re exactly correct.

  2. May 22, 2011


    I am surprised that Pakistan has fooled everybody in believing that it has to control government in Afghanistan to maintain strategic depth against India, while this maybe partially true the real reason is disputed Durand line (look it up on google) between Afghanistan and Pakistan. A stable and strong government in Afghanistan will claim half of Pakistan, so they breed and protect taliban and people like Haqqani

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