It’s the double dip, stupid

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It’s the double dip, stupid

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The double dip recession may not be front page news, but its long-term consequences are more worrying for the Conservatives than bad press. Image: kenteegardin

As results for the local elections continue to trickle in today, it is increasingly clear that the Conservatives did poorly. This should be to no one’s surprise: you can tell a government is doing very badly indeed, when news that the country is experiencing its first double dip recession since 1975 fails to qualify as the lead story in most of the next day’s papers.

The ongoing phone hacking saga, combined with uncertainty over Jeremy Hunt’s future and continuing aftershocks from the “omni-shambles” Budget, meant that last Wednesday’s official confirmation that the UK was back in recession was overshadowed in the press.

This however belies the fact that the double dip, in contrast to Westminster media fluff about “pasty” and “granny taxes,” could be

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