Israel should not take US support for granted

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Israel should not take US support for granted


If Israel attacks Iran, Americans will pay the cost, in blood in Afghanistan and across the Middle East

When Benjamin Netanyahu meets Barack Obama today, he should be focus on the one existential threat Israel faces. No, I don’t mean Iran. Remember Iran does not have a nuclear bomb, nor the means to deliver it, and despite their rhetoric, no Iranian leader is willing to risk the destruction of their own country (not to mention their regime) just to threaten the Jewish state. Everybody from Tel Aviv to Tehran knows any Iranian nuclear attack on Israel would be met with devastating retaliation.

No the threat I am talking about is the loss of its superpower ally.  Israel has long taken US support for granted. Because of its powerful lobbying machine, Congress and the President continue to bend over backwards to give Israel what it wants. But after two futile wars

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  1. March 6, 2012

    Ori Golan

    This is a rather simplistic, if not facile, piece of analysis. To blame Israel for America’s woes and tribulations in the Middle East is somewhat puerile and churlish. Tom, you’d do better to present a more balanced, sober and factual piece predicated on real analysis. While Israel’s ongoing occupation may be wrong, the threat Iran poses is not quite as benign as you present it. And to lump everything, the occupation, the Iranian threat and the US involvement in Iraq is wholly irresponsible of you. I suggest you read a little more, or better, literature on this.

  2. March 11, 2012

    Ramesh Raghuvanshi

    If Israel had a nuclear atoms bombs why want help of U.S? Why afraid so much with rumor or threat of Iran?Iran have no right to develop nuclear power?I think Israel is war monger nation.,want to destroy all Muslim countries around the border.Israeli are most raciest people they could not tolerated even black color Jews who migrated from India to Israel.White Israeli treating them very badly.If they did not tolerated their bothers how can they tolerated to Muslims.If America have some commonsense they must keep control on Israel and not bend every whim of Israel

    • August 3, 2012


      @Ramesh, you have no idea what you are talking about. Go visit the formerly Indian Jews who live in Israel and meet their fully assimilated children who are indistinguishable from other Israelis. Try Nevatim or Dimona if you do visit Israel to find Jews from India. The whole idea that Israelis are white is nonsense based on a lack of knowledge. The majority of the Jewish population is made up of Jews who were expelled from the various Muslim countries.

      As for the stuff about Israel wanting to destroy the Muslim countries. Israel made peace with Egypt and Jordan and returned all their territory to them. Israel withdrew from Lebanon and has held peace talks with Syria based on the premise of withdrawal from the Golan Heights. Your whole premise is based on nonsense.

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Tom Streithorst
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