Eric Hobsbawm (1917-2012)

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Eric Hobsbawm (1917-2012)

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Eric Hobsbawm died this morning. He was one of the leading historians and public intellectuals of his time. Over the years he appeared many times in the pages of Prospect, both as author and subject. Here are our picks:

A Tory communist: On the publication of Hobsbawm’s autobiography, Interesting Times, Ian Buruma met with him to ask about his beliefs and decades-long support for the communist party

The global order in the 21st century: In 1999, Hobsbawm joined a roundtable that included Francis Fukuyama and Timothy Garton Ash to discuss the prospects for the decades ahead

Where now?: James Purnell reviews Hobsbawm’s 2011 collection of essays, How to Change the World

Long live the Queen?: Hobsbawm’s thoughts on the monarchy



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