Cameron: not “betraying Toryism”

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Cameron: not “betraying Toryism”

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Cameron got a bemused and bored reception when he spoke about foreign aid—the one issue on which he is to the left of his party


Of the three party conferences, the Conservatives’ provided the most fodder for that inevitable litmus test of a political story: splits. This year, they were primarily on the nature and existence of EU membership, and the Human Rights Act. But news stories do not always reflect the broader reality. Aside from the very real differences between Kenneth Clarke, the justice secretary, and the home secretary Theresa May, the splits are exaggerated.

If MPs on the Conservative right really believe that David Cameron is “betraying” Toryism, they are mistaken. Ever since he became leader in 2005, Cameron has skilfully encouraged the media to portray him as a “moderniser” while quietly refusing to ditch any of the core Tory policies on immigration, Europe, tax,

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  1. October 6, 2011


    I have to admit I think some of the stuff you write is crap but this is fantastic.

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