Inside Copenhagen: days to overcome years of stalemate

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Inside Copenhagen: days to overcome years of stalemate

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Copenhagen: "the sense of zeal is palpable"

spaceballDelegates arriving in Copenhagen’s airport are ferried straight to the out-of-town conference centre where they hope to make their dream a reality.

And, when they arrive, they are greeted not so much by a conference as the world’s largest and most over-subscribed climate fair—encountering the kind of queue usually reserved for teenagers trying to see their favorite boy band.

Instead giant screens list the corporate sponsors of  “Hopenhagen” above stalls promoting every solution to the world’s problems. The Little REDD desk dedicated to avoided deforestation sits next to the fossil of the day stall.

For some it will be a short stay at the fair. Thousands of NGO delegates are soon to be barred because of space. They will join the estimated 100,000 activists staying in Copenhagen who marched on the conference center over the weekend.

Passing the overwhelmingly peaceful protest as it

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Damian Kahya

Damian Kahya, a former BBC correspondent, is a freelance journalist specialising in the environment 

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