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  1. It’s the double dip, stupid

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    As results for the local elections continue to trickle in today, it is increasingly clear that the Conservatives did poorly. This should be to no one’s surprise: you can tell a government is doing very badly indeed, when news that the country is experiencing its first double dip recession since...
  2. An own goal for Right to Work

    Last week the Right to Work campaign scored a big victory. The protest group, whose avowed mission is to “stop the cuts, defend public services and the welfare state, and fight for every job,” forced Tesco to modify their involvement in the government’s work experience scheme. While the group may...
  3. Ed should pledge to scrap “middle class benefits”

    The current issue of Prospect reviews the taboos in British politics today—those orthodoxies which politicians are loathe to challenge because they think it will lose them elections. At the top of the list is threatening to touch universal benefits, like the winter fuel allowance, and pensioners’ free TV licences and...
  4. The Fred the Shred U-turn

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    Don’t be alarmed if you heard a banging noise last night: that was the sound of Whitehall slamming the stable door five years after the horse bolted. On the advice of senior civil servants, yesterday former RBS Chief Executive Fred Goodwin was stripped of his knighthood—a move which smacks of...

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