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  1. Australia’s immigration battle

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    The long, ugly journey of racism in Australia can be traced back to a single government act: the Immigration Restriction Act of 1901. The so-called White Australia Policy openly racialised immigration to the country and set a bigoted undertone to the country’s subsequent history. It was only in 1973 that...
  2. Australia’s hearts and minds tussle

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    Australia is in the grips of a populist hearts-and-minds tussle as the battle for the ruling Labor Party’s lost middle ground goes up a notch. In the last week, Treasurer and Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan has launched a major broadside on the country’s “rich,” paying particular attention to the...
  3. Rudd versus Gillard

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    The strangest week in recent Australian political history started with the leak of a video of the Foreign Minister four-letter-wording his way through the pre-taping of a video presentation. It ended with 102 elected Labor Party members going against the popular will of millions of voters and maintaining Julia Gillard’s...

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