Prospect Magazine


Prospect Magazine is a 18 year old ‘Business & Current Affairs’ magazine that has established itself as the most cerebral and insightful magazine in this space. Boasting an incredibly influential audience, unmatched by its peers – Prospect is a respected and authoritative title and a unique conduit to some of the most influential and wealthy businessmen, professionals, academics and thought leaders in the world today.


Prospect delivers thought-provoking content on a broad range of topics. From current affairs, business and economics, through to global politics, the arts, science, technology and our readers affluent lifestyles.

Prospect is predominantly contributor based – we don’t just use an editorial team to report opinion. Prospect seeks out the global thought leader on every subject and challenges them to communicate the ‘real’ position. As such Prospect is always ‘ahead of the curve’, sets the agenda rather than just reporting it.

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