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  1. From the archive

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    Prospect covered the death of Princess Diana, ten years ago today, with a roundtable featuring Michael Ignatieff, Zoë Heller, Ian Buruma and others. Also at that time, Carlo Gébler reported the effect it had in Fermanagh and Charlotte Cory shared her memories of the princess. At the end of 1997,...
  2. Wikipedia’s secret weakness

    I find Wikipedia-bashing tedious and somewhat ungentlemanly. For columnists looking to fill space, it is simple sport to find an error—though usually a trivial one—in a Wikipedia entry on a topic about which you have some claim to knowledge. But surely the real Wikipedia story is that through the collective...
  3. This week in The Great Beyond

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    I thought I’d cross post this from The Great Beyond, which is a blog we recently started at Nature to complement our own news coverage. The blog rounds up the science stories that, for one reason or another, we’re not covering this week,  but which are still worth your attention....
  4. Winning over Turkey’s Kurds

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    The election of Abdullah Gül as Turkey’s president is the latest chapter in the increasingly tense cold war between the country’s ruling AK party—often eccentrically described in the western press as “mildly Islamist”—and the army, guardians of Turkey’s secular, “Kemalist” constitution. The story is well rehearsed, but to recap briefly—earlier...
  5. Site-specific theatre and “Mauerpark”

    At midday on 17 August, 1962, Peter Fechter and Helmut Kulbeik, two teenage citizens of the GDR, jumped into ‘the death strip’ – an area of no-man’s land leading up to the Berlin wall. As they reached the wall, they were fired upon 21 times. Helmut made it over to...
  6. Leaving Baghdad

    Yesterday in Karbala, the young Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr let it be known that he would be “freezing” all activities of his Mahdi Army militia for six months. It remains to be seen whether the move will have any impact on the sectarian carnage in Iraq; some analysts simply believe...
  7. Beyond good and evil

    What does it mean to talk about good and evil today? According to Nicholas Mosley—the novelist and son of Oswald Mosley, leader of the British Union of Fascists—it means writing off large swathes of contemporary literary culture as pointless and trying to repopulate the empty heavens beneath which most British...
  8. Eating the Sun in Edinburgh

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    A blatantly self-serving cross post from Heliophage, where I’m blogging rather poorly and sporadically to promote and facilitate any eventual discussion of Eating the Sun (synopsis|Amazon). If this is in fact too self serving I rely on the wisdom of Prospecters for deletion, warnings never to darken their doors again,...
  9. The meaning of means

    I’ve just been reading an engaging book about statistics—The Tiger That Isn’t, by Michael Blastland and Andrew Dilnot—and it’s got me thinking a little harder, as statistics always ought to, about familiar things I thought I already knew everything about. For instance, how much do you think the mean national...

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